maintaining the joy of lifelong learning

This website started with a search for a quote widget to put on my desktop. I wanted to find something that inspired me as an educator and homeschooling parent, but all I could find were rather bland praises for school teachers. I don't have anything against school teachers, but I wanted quotes that focused more on learners and how to foster our innate curiosity. So I decided to create my own quote widget.

I've been studying and thinking about education all my life. In kindergarten I brought home worksheets to play school with my little brother. In fourth grade I would take mental notes about how I would do things differently when I was the teacher. When it was time to go to college, I didn't think twice about my major; I was going to be a teacher. Then in 1994 I took a teacher's dream job--I began a program of individualized instruction with my son based on what I now know as "unschooling." He was allowed to follow his interests without going through a packaged curriculum. I stressed reading good books and having interesting experiences. Now he's graduated from our home-based school with a full ride scholarship to the University of Chicago and plans to be a professor or researcher in the Social Sciences. Along the way we've added his two sisters to our "classroom." One is an artist, the other an athlete. All three are completely different and uniquely delightful.

The foundation of our home school is the understanding that every human being is born with a desire to learn. And we as teachers have the fun of fostering that natural desire, giving it opportunity and encouragement to grow.

In a nutshell, I believe the best education is one filled with freedom to explore with plenty of time to pursue interests and develop talents. And so the materials I highlight and the quotes I choose reflect that philosophy. I hope they inspire you and the young ones in your life to experience the joy of learning.